Making Academic Change Happen (MACH) is a development program for graduate students, faculty, and administrators who are working to make change on their campuses.  The MACH approach is empowerment through practice. Our program helps individuals integrate new change maker skills as part of a plan for implementing change.  At any stage of a change project, at any level of your own development as a change maker, you can benefit from the MACH program.

Begun in 2012 as an annual MACH workshop, the MACH program currently offers workshops, customized consulting, online resources, and a team of experienced facilitators who can assist you in your development as a change maker.  If you are a new change agent, the MACH program will help you learn and apply key ideas like understanding institutional context (and which elements are particularly important), team formation and development, and pitching your project to the people in power.  If you are a more experienced change maker and have struggled in the past, the MACH program will help you refine and amplify existing skills to effectively advocate for your project, using language and an approach that is nearly irresistible. Also, you will gain the skills to see many steps ahead to avoid challenges upfront.

Wherever you are in your development as a change agent, the MACH program can benefit you.


To learn more about the MACH program and our menu of offerings, please contact us at mach@rose-hulman.edu.